The Stylist by SARAROSE ON OAK

SRO: The Stylist

What I love most about being a stylist is getting to the heart of the matter.
At SRO its not just about fashion and the clothes we wear, we are really looking to take you to the next level. We go deep. We love working with what you already have in your closet and really listening to your goals and desires for yourself; personally, professionally. We really analyze and asses just how to get you there, by building overall confidence, a safe community in which you are the creator of your universe, and we use clothing as the initial vehicle to get you where you would like to be.
We work with our list of essentials, break down and asses what you already have in your closet, what fits, what can be altered, what is too worn, what can be paired in a new and interesting ways, your color palette… We want you to shine, not worry about breaking the bank trying to be trendy. We want to make fashion approachable, effortless and fun. Cut out the hours we waste standing in front of the mirror morning after morning, to be able to have more time for the things we love.
And most of all we want to help you shop less and wear more.

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