Best 'Foot' Forward

Dress: Traditional Moroccan wear | Shoes: Cult of Coquette | Bracelet: Irene Rico and Mantra Bands | Ring: Paul Miller 

Your Best Foot is Forward

With summer being here, thoughts of adventure and travel enter my mind. Chartering new territory and putting your best foot forward is always exciting. What does this look like for you?For me, it has always been taking on challenges, new adventures, and trying things that scare me just enough to encourage me to do them.When I was in high school, I asked my mom if we could travel to Florida during summer vacation. It seemed all my friends were heading out somewhere, and I wanted to carve my own summer adventure.

Despite not having a car or a driver’s license, my mom decided she was going to see that my dream was fulfilled. Even though she was supporting our family on a single income, she managed to get her license and find a hatchback. That white Ford Pinto wagon became our shuttle to adventure—just my mom, my sister, and me.

The fear of jumping into a road trip without a plan was paralyzing for a moment, but soon we had embraced the unknown of the open road, and became true experts of the family adventure. My mom taught me how to read a map and to grip the excitement of arriving in new cities with no reservations. All that we needed was the willingness to try something new. Along the way we met artists creating beautiful handcrafted jewelry and painted t-shirts reflecting the bright pinks, teals and turquoise of a Santa Fe sunset. We tasted rich, dark, and delicious coffee with the flavor of chicory in New Orleans. Clearwater Beach was bright, warm, and yellow. Through Atlanta and on to the river walk of San Antonio, and visiting historic St. Augustine, we were introduced to bold patterns and native prints. It was an education in new cultures, sights, tastes and style. I wasn’t afraid to be new in these cities.

I often reflect on the materials that become our adventure companions. In those days, it was little more than a map and cheap sunglasses. Today, I think about the adventures we all take, from the daily grind to unknown leaps of faith that grasp us at various seasons of our lives. What are the material companions we bring with us to face these things? This summer, I am taking my LA designed Coquette heels on my daily adventures. Pink patent and teal patent, these babies are my cue to the colors of the past with a fit and comfort that is nothing short of modern. As I reminisce of my days visiting Wilshire Boulevard and shopping at farmer’s markets all throughout the states, I will be stepping into my new adventures with these gorgeous pumps. What are you taking with you?
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