Dress: Stix and Roses | Shoes: Vans Disney "Young at Heart" Collection | Bracelet: Mantra Band |
Handbag: Matt & Nat 

It looks like summer has finally arrived! With temps hitting just above 90 degrees and the sun shining bright, we are so excited to enjoy summer in the city! Cool lake breezes, crisp blue skies, and fresh clean summer air--the perfect ingredients needed to bask in all of summer's glory! Weekends are filling up, as friends and loved ones plan get-togethers and celebrations. We love the idea of pairing something so chic with something so practical and with a hint of fun. This crisp bamboo Stix and Roses dress takes you from day to night, keeping you cool (bamboo keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter). Navigating the city streets, taking you from errand to errand, block party to streetfests, these classic style  Vans slip-on, in a fun new print from the "Young at Heart" Disney Collection, adds an essence of play to summertime.
Youthful Classics
I absolutely love unexpected style pairings. Whether it be two different prints, unlikely color companions, or mixing classic sophisticated silhouettes with  youthful prints in tiny doses, nothing is more refreshing than the unexpected. Especially pairings, that in total contrast, balance one another out. Don't be afraid to break the rules, or to expect the unexpected! Often times we find true gems and amazing life lessons when we explore the unexplored. 
Til next week,


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