Nearly Nude Now

Dress: Stix and Roses | Bracelets: Mantra Band | Necklace: Meeka Meditation
Nearly Nude Now

As women, I think we all like to feel sensual and confident in the clothes we wear. Nothing accomplishes this feeling better than the nude trend. Nude pumps on a bare leg are about as sexy as it gets, and I love a putting a client in overall nudes to complement her color and shape. A client once came to me expressing her desire to wear sexy nudes, but confessed that she really did not care for that color tone on her skin. Like many would-be problems, that got me thinking. What about interpreting the nude trend more literally, and aiming for nude fit as opposed to nude colors? As a woman, there are few things that make me feel as sensual as clothes that feel delicate and airy against the skin. I found inspiration in circa early 80’s images of Michelle Pfeiffer, who perfectly embodies the nude-fit dresses I have envisioned. Ultra-thin straps, deep cowl necklines, and non-existing backs define the trend.

I have taken this look to my Alexandra top, dress, and gown. I wanted to have a piece that felt secure, while still providing a sensual cowl neck and a near-backless, Grecian corded design. As a top, it is perfect for fitness and yoga. As a dress or gown, it adds an element of danger to an otherwise sophisticated look. The important element here is that the sensual fit of a near-nude dress or top is that it makes you feel empowered and sensual—and maybe just a little bit riske. 


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