5 Whimsical Styles That Are Inspiring Us This Summer

5 Whimsical Styles That Are Inspiring Us This Summer

As the weather begins to turn and as we see hints of summer, we can’t help get excited about creating our favorite summer outfits and making them luxe for the season!

Dopamine dressing is big right now and we’re all needing a dose of happy and whimsical. We thought what better time to share our five favorite styles that add a bit of whimsy to your daily life.

1. Bold floral and insect inspired jewelry and accessories : there’s just something that’s so ethereal about wearing an extra large butterfly necklace or an extremely bold colorful silk scarf. Try insect jewelry and iridescent colors for an added bonus of magic.

2. Lots of texture, trims, fringe, beads: gone are the days of minimalism. Not entirely but it has a new take, a new spin. Fringe will be everywhere in the coming seasons. Details that add a bit of fun and movement to an outfit and make you wanna shake and dance.

3. Color! Color! Color!: Lots of it and there really isn’t any color you can go wrong with this season oh! And don’t be shy, try to play! Mix colors that traditionally don’t go together. Think orange and pinks, or reds and pinks, or blues and greens, in all types of shades.

4. Retro futuristic: retro futuristic is the latest trend name that takes vintage pieces and gives them a futuristic look by adding 3D printed or laser cut accessories. Bold and loud.

5. Hats + Gloves: Honestly this might be my new favorite! I am kind of shocked that we stopped this beautiful tradition. Hats and gloves are such an easy and bold way to spice up and outfit and give it character. That straight out of Bridgeton style. I pulled out some pieces from my vintage collection and have been layering my rings and bracelets on top of my gloves for a bit of flare.


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