Babes Behind The Brands

Gabriella Daher Fashion Designer


Gabriella Daher

DAHER is a New York City-based slow fashion label devoted to ecological + social balance through ethical practices of fair labor, upcycling, and waste reduction. Sourcing all materials + labor locally means our products are guaranteed honest + green. We love animals and never use furs or skins.

Gabriella Daher, designer and founder, was born and raised in Brazil where she spent most of her childhood sewing, knitting, crocheting and rug-making with both her maternal + paternal grandmothers. She eventually made her way to San Francisco, CA, studying Fashion Design and graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2009. She launched DAHER label in 2010, making custom dresses from her San Francisco apartment using donated and scavenged textiles. In 2015 she moved to NYC, where she currently resides, and soon helped found and launch a new label, Larkin Hughes, alongside her long-time friend, Katherine Simon. She continues to design for DAHER and now manufactures her garments in the heart of New York City's Garment District using deadstock materials she sources from local factories, fashion houses and fabric recycling companies.

"From a very young age I was inspired by and impressed with the quality of my grandmothers' work. Today, I try to mimic their calm, precise process. Paying attention to every little detail, making sure my patterns are perfect and all seams line up.
While the piece is hanging in my atelier, I'm happy enough knowing it's my best work. There is no better feeling though, than seeing one of my designs being worn by a happy client. It's instant gratification seeing them smile, stand taller on the balls of their feet, and twirl in front of the mirror.
I am mindful of what I do to achieve what I want. I believe in fighting for ecological sanity and for animal and human rights. I pledge allegiance to uphold all that is good, and true, and fair." -Gabriella

 Deanna Hutchinson Jewelry Designer


Deanna Hutchinson 

My name is Deanna but I go by Dee. I’ve been obsessed with jewelry, accessories and fashion since I was young. I’ve always liked to try colorful bold and unique styles in clothing and jewelry! I had always dreamed of having a fashion line of my own one day but didn’t think it would ever be possible (time wise or creativity wise). I’ve worked in the beauty industry for the past 7 years so I’ve been able to use that as my creative outlet. During Covid I took the time I now had available to try out some new things including making some pressed flower earrings. I didn’t think anyone would like them but me but I sold out! Even though I’m not in it for the money it was fun to create something that people liked and I love seeing others wearing something I’ve created! Since it’s only my side business I can’t create as much as I would like but I look forward to continuing to put out more fun things in the future!


Krystal Burhenne Luxe Candle And Bath Co Owner


Krystal Burhenne

Hi! We’re Krystal and Mike. We grew up in the Midwest (Chicago and Cleveland). We unexpectedly got into home renovation. We renovated 2 homes in Cleveland area and liked to burn candles during Open Houses to create a sense of comfort and nostalgia. After spending a lot of money on candles that did not perform well, we sought to create our own that we were proud to share with everyone.

We ended up moving to Fort Worth, TX in 2018. We wanted to establish roots and incorporate something we loved that also helped give back to the community.

LUXE CANDLE + BATH CO. started in summer 2019 and is our chance to provide everyone with a luxe candle experience by offering premium coconut wax and elevated fragrances at affordable prices. Our wax is 90% made from coconuts and 10% soy wax made here in the USA. All ingredients are sourced in USA and are cruelty free. Conservation is important to us and we strive to source as many supplies locally as close or in Texas as possible.

We are excited to share our candles and bath products with you. We appreciate your business and support!

Sararose Krenger Stix and Roses Fashion Designer Chicago



Down the rabbit hole I fell, and never turned back. With a love for all things fuzzy, green, and magical, I have always been inspired by the curious nature of Alice (Alice in Wonderland). I follow whimsy and magic wherever they lead, and create along the way. I have spent the past 12 years dedicated to ethical, vegan, and sustainable fashion design with my women's wear collection, Stix and Roses. In the past 7 years, I have added brand consulting, personal/professional styling, and consulting/closet editing to my portfolio.

I have been able to use SARAROSE and Stix and Roses brands, including producing fashion events, that create awareness and raise funds, as a vehicle to support amazing organizations that are giving back across the globe.