Our Stix and Roses Crop Knit Sweater Pairs Perfectly With Daher's Sweater Weather Midi

Stix and Roses Vegan Ethical Sustainable Fashion Chicago Designer


This outfit stands for all that we have hoped for in regards to the future of fashion.

Hatsmithe is a woman owned, vegan hat company based in Puerto Rico. They are committed to wool-free headwear that is classic and made to be worn for generations.

We designed this crop knit sweater for Stix and Roses to go with our favorite limited edition, sustainable, midi from DAHER.

DAHER creates fun, feminine, sustainable pieces from deadstock materials, in micro batches. What is deadstock? What is a micro batch?

Deadstock is material that is headed to the landfill. Either a company has no more use for that material, it is leftover and left behind after production, coloration may vary too far from the color they intended, it is outdated, etc. There are many reasons that a textile can find itself headed for the dumpster, none of them worthy of their fate. DAHER rescues materials and turns them into beautiful creations.

Micro batches... Limited Edition, small production runs, whatever you want to call it, because of the limited supply of a specific deadstock material, only a small number of designs can be made from the remaining materials. Many sustainable designers love micro or small production runs, as this cuts down on overstock and unnecessary waste. DAHER labels each piece in the production series. Most of their collections are exclusive to 25 pieces or less making them extremely rare and one of a kind. 

SHOP our limited deadstock sweater here.

Stix and Roses Vegan Ethical Sustainable Fashion Chicago Designer
Stix and Roses Chicago Designer Sustainable Vegan Ethical Fashion
Stix and Roses Vegan Ethical Sustainable Fashion Chicago Designer

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