Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe That Tells Your Story

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Gone are the days of "granola" sustainable style!

You don't have to dress like a potato to create a better future for the planet or the people who make your clothes.

Your style should tell your story. It should have character, personality, creativity, sophistication, attitude, romance, or whatever your heart desires. Vegan and sustainability have come a long way. So whether you are just getting your feet wet in either or both worlds, or maybe you have been in the game a long time but you are stuck in a rut or need a wardrobe refresh, here are our tips for creating a sustainable wardrobe that tells your story and is uniquely yours.

Best Chicago Fashion Designer and boutique


1. Determine what your goals for your wardrobe are. What is missing? What do you hope to achieve with your visual representation of yourself? What pieces make you feel like your best self? What colors make you happy? Textures? What would you love to wear but feel like its out of your comfort zone? Write all of these things down and take them with you as you shop. This is your reminder list for what to look for. This helps you stay on track and only buy items you need and love.

2. Create a pin board to get a visual of what you are attracted to aesthetically. Find the common themes, colors, styles, and items that keep drawing your attention. Once you assess your board, take note and make a list of what those are. Add this list to your goals list. This helps so that as you find items you can try on and ask yourself, does this align with my highest self? Do I feel empowered in it? If the answer is yes, great! It is an item you should add to your wardrobe, but if there is any hesitation or you don't feel it fits in line with your goals are vision, then put it back and walk away. The best way to achieve a sustainable lifestyle is to practice consuming less. The better we can refine what we are looking for or need, the less we will buy and waste and never wear or end up donating.

3. Check in with yourself once a year or work with a stylist that really understands your wants and needs and has a sustainable approach. I have clients that initially start with quarterly closet edits and eventually work towards a once a year check in session. After the initial assessment and edit, we work together to get you well versed in doing it on your own and checking in only when you feel stuck or need a boost/refresh. Checking in once a year will help you align your purchases for the year ahead. Like a vision board, you are checking in on where you are at, how far you have come and where you would like to go!

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