Make A Mask Project By Gabriella + Sararose


*** Update 3/31/20: Sararose has made 110 masks in Chicago and delivered 80 masks to medical staff personnel. 30 masks are being picked up for local Chicago paramedics and another 25 will be made and picked up for Misericordia on Thursday. She is starting to make an additional 100 masks for a request for a Wisconsin hospital and it's staff this week.

Gabriella has made 50 masks in New York and will be distributing with local government officials.

We have both received an overwhelming amount of requests for numerous hospitals, first responders, care givers, and have connected with local production sources to help us speed up the process and get much needed PPE into the hands of those who need it most as quickly and safely as possible. In order to do this we will need to raise additional funds to cover the costs of labor. We are hoping to raise an additional $2000 in order to make another 1000 masks that are desperately needed. 

**Update 3/26/20: Our supplier has restocked and we were able to get a good size order for the masks made from anti-microbial textiles that contain silver.

*Update 3/25/20: We placed an order with Joann Fabrics to get started with cotton masks and aim to make 100 by 3/30/20. We have made a secure line connection to getting masks to those who need it most here in Chicago.


Gabriella Daher + Sararose Krenger met at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco, CA in 2007.

Together we share a passion for creating locally + ethically made, eco-friendly, contemporary styles for modern womyn.

In March of 2019 we teamed up to create limited-edition garments made from locally sourced, deadstock textiles.

In March of 2020, amidst a global life plot twist, we have once again joined forces to create much-needed sanitary supplies for healthcare workers, hospital patients and our high-risk community members.

Here's an ever growing list of goals we will be accomplishing from our livingrooms using our home sewing machines throughout the next few months with the help of our very generous and enthusiastically supportive community:

  • Produce 100 cotton masks by Monday, March 30th
  • Produce 50 hair scarves by Monday, April 6th
  • Acquire medical grade textiles for further production of masks, hair scarves and gowns
  • Develop N95 ventilator masks for 3D printing 

 You can check back here for updates and progress reports as we sew up a storm of masks and gowns and whatever else our healthcare heroes may need! 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your overwhelming support!

 Goal Cost Completed By Due Status
Produce 110 Cotton Masks 138.44 Sararose 3/31/20 Complete
Produce 60 Cotton Masks 11.29 Gabriella 3/31/20 Complete
Delivered 80 Cotton Masks Sararose 4/1/20 Complete
Delivered 60 Masks Gabriella 4/1/20 Complete
Produce 32 Anti-Microbial Masks 265.59 Sararose 4/3/20 Complete
Produce 100 Anti-Microbial Masks 775.58 Sararose 4/6/20 In-Progress
Produce 1000 Cotton Masks Sararose 4/10/20


With love, 

Gabriella & Sararose

$1,465 raised as of 3/30/20

Donations can be sent to:



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