We've Got The Vegan Head To Toe "Leather" Look You've Seen All Fashion Month S/S 20'

Fashion Week Winter Trends 2020 Vegan Leather Heas To Toe Stix And Roses

Fashion Month Showed Us A Lot of Head To Toe Leather Looks, Here Is Our Vegan Alternative

We have always loved a good a quality statement look, don't even get me started on monochromatic outfits... I am honestly always surprised I don't see more of them in everyday life. They are such an easy way to get a chic outfit styled in a time crunch.

 They were all over the streets during fashion month, from Paris to London, you name it and we saw them in every shade of color. What we also saw was a lot of head to toe monochromatic "leather" looks. 

We created some beautiful vegan staples to replace the leather pieces you see from luxury designers each season. One of my absolute favorites has been our vegan leather princess seam skirt with a slit (pictured below). 

Shop the look here! And lookout for more colors coming in 2020.

Fashion Week Trends Winter 2020 Vegan Leather Head To Toe Stix And Roses

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